What’s Happening Wednesday: Rebel With a Cause

In my heart of hearts, I’m a rebel.  I don’t like being told what to do.  Ask any pastor I’ve ever served under.  Ask any ministry leader.  And if you want the whole truth, ask my husband.  

My mom said she noticed the rebellious streak in me at about age thirteen.  I think every major life event happened to me around that time, so it makes sense.  I was discovering the world at the thirteen, and also discovering who I was in the world.  I developed nervous habits that I still have today. (I developed some good habits around then, too, like writing, and praying.)

Anyway,  one of my favorite gospel stories is Jesus walking into the temple, flipping over tables and chasing the money changers out  with a whip.  This is the kind of superhero I could get behind.  He used his righteous anger not to tear the church down but to clean it up.  He wasn’t rebelling against the church.  He was fighting for it.

That’s how I think of the protesters on the plaza today.  And the folks marching in London and New Zealand. And all over the world. They aren’t fighting against government.  They are fighting to make government better.   I stand with them.  I believe my Jesus stands with them, as well.

Mama Radford


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