Speak Saturdays: What’s Your Fondest Memory

While driving home from work I thought about the driving lessons I received in my teenage years. I don’t why that memory popped in my head but the process of me learning how to drive was quite comical.

My dad tried giving me lessons first but that wasn’t the best idea. His patience for the process was thin and during that time I was super timid around my father. We were driving my grandmother’s Buick. Her children had taken the keys from her because of the recent stroke she had.

My dad was telling me to turn however he failed to mention that I need to allow the wheel come back around. Guess what happened? We ended up in a ditch by the cemetery. Luckily, my dad stayed in a small town and someone was able to help us out immediately. That was our first and last driving lesson together. Our personalities didn’t work well in teacher student situations.

My uncle is the one who taught me how to drive. In exchange for babysitting my little cousins during the summer he would show me how to drive. Now, I love my uncle dearly but he knows how to push a button. And being one of my grandmother’s offsprings I know how to bite back.

We used my aunt’s new car for driving lessons because my uncle said I wasn’t messing up his car. Now, I will say my uncle did have patience with me. Maybe our banter back and forth help alleviate the tension of the driving lessons. Or maybe it was his antics of having the passenger door open telling me you are going over the line. Talk about pressure.

That was a fun summer. Felt bad for my aunt having all those strong personalities around. Oh and the best part…me, my uncle, and my cousins all had summer birthdays and we all wanted separate celebrations.

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What is your favorite memory? Leave it in the comment session.

I know outside is starting to open bsck up but happy quarantine Saturday.


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