Transformative Thursdays: Growing Pains

Sprout watered from a watering can on nature background
My husband is a biologist and often reminds me that if something is not growing, it is dying.  There’s no in-between space.  You’re simply moving forward or going backwards.  We should constantly be moving forward or progressing.  There are many ways we can grow and develop based on our desires and goals.  The key is not to get stuck or become complacent.
I’ve discovered once you have goals, you are more likely to move towards them.  If you have a coach, accountability partner, or someone who is in your corner to support you, you are MUCH more likely to stay the course and achieve your goals.
Chances are at the beginning of 2020, you had a list of goals and dreams you hope to accomplish.  I wonder if you’ve looked at those goals in the last month or the last few weeks?  What progress have you made?  Have you tweaked your plan and made necessary adjustments?
Now is a great time to reflect on 2020 and see if you’ve experienced any growing pains, challenges or successes.  What can you do to enjoy life, stay unstuck and continue moving forward?  What is your purpose and how do your current goals align?
Invest in yourself and continue growing.  If you’re not growing, you’re dying.  Keep moving!

~Coletta Jones Patterson
Coletta is an author, speaker, life coach and business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck. Her book, “Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want” is available on Amazon.

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