Speak Saturdays: How Have You Been?

I’m sure you are asked this question every time you check in with someone. The current global pandemic has temporarily changed our daily routine. And it’s important to know how someone is doing right now.

For some, the global pandemic has turned their lives upside down. For others, life hasn’t changed at all just became a little slower. Whichever the case may be, I hope you are taking this time to ensure your well-being is in tact.

Don’t compare yourself to others during this time. It will surely cause more harm than good. Do things that interest you. Or do nothing at all (which is quite alright).

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you are doing well!

Time for the shameless plug. Be sure to check out episode 4 of Showing Our Sass. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/sZjDR0dj02whttps://youtu.be/sZjDR0dj02w.

Also thanks to my college BFF for the new blog logo. Love it!


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