Transformative Thursdays: Clean Up Your Mess

Today, my 6 year old had a headache and then eventually vomited. It was not pretty, but the mess had to be cleaned up.  (I’m so glad my husband cleaned it up.). But I began thinking about how many times we find ourselves looking at a mess we created and instead of cleaning it up, we allow it to stay. We tolerate the disorganization, the funky smell, the dysfunction without trying to clean it up.

We find ourselves settling with the relationship, the job, the disrespect because we would rather step around it and keep going rather than dealing with it.  The mess eventually produces a foul smell and something that is quite embarrassing.  Imagine if someone came to your house and had to step over 6-week old vomit! Who does that?! But many of us have messes that we have yet to deal with.  Those messes are holding us back from living our best lives—the one God intended and created for us.

Look around. Is there a mess that you haven’t cleaned up? Is there something you need to deal with in order to move on?

Don’t let another day go by dealing with the funk of yesterday’s mishaps. Clean up your mess so you can get unstuck and thrive!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author of six books, speaker, life coach and business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck.  Connect with Coletta at

One thought on “Transformative Thursdays: Clean Up Your Mess

  1. Full confession, there is literal mess of clothes in my house that makes no sense. (They are clean) But I think sometimes the comfort of having something messy and out of place fills space for some of us that plays with our emotional states. If I put these clothes up then I’ll just have to do it again next week so I’ll just pull from this clean basket what I need and the clean pile will take care of itself. But when I trip over that clean basket in the middle of the night during a bathroom run I question the wisdom of my choices. Sometimes we just had to turn and face the things we run from. I hate repetition and mundane tasks so routine chores are challenging for me are a nightmare. I have to find creative ways to motivate myself.


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