What’s Happening Wednesday: From the Mouths of Babes

Last night, we took the kiddos out for ice cream. This wasn’t a reward for good behavior, so much as it was mommy and daddy giving in to our own cravings, and taking the kids along for the ride.

As we were hanging out as a family, I asked them what they missed the most since we started the quarantine. I was surprised that my son said the thing that he missed most was church. My husband and I shot each other a glance. This was not the answer we were expecting. But looking at it more closely, it makes perfect sense.

Church is the epicenter of his social life. My son doesn’t really know of any extended periods away from our church. For his entire existence, we’ve been to church at least once, but sometimes 3-4 times a week. Before this situation, his only leave of absence was the six weeks immediately following his birth.

Church is where he sees his friends. When he says he misses church, he really means he misses Chris and CJ. He misses eating up all the snacks Grandma Ada has hidden in the book bag, and begging Ms. Aileen for gum. He misses doing Tik-Tok dances in the back of the church while he’s supposed to be on post as a junior usher.

But you know what?  My son is right.  The people in the church where you worship should be your friends.  Fellowship shouldn’t just be eating chicken in the dining hall after big celebrations.  Fellowship is about living life together.  Supporting each other in endeavors inside and outside of the sanctuary.  And you know what?  Ministry should be fun.  If you’re not enjoying, your ministry, you are doing it wrong.  I don’t want to make light of the hard work that goes into ministry, but if your ministry isn’t rewarding to you in some way, you are probably in the wrong field.

So whenever we go back to church, and whatever church we eventually find ourselves in, these are the things I’m going to be looking for.  I recommend you do the same.







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