Serenity Sunday: Balancing the Craze of Motherhood

Motherhood is miraculous. Sacrifice begins the moment we enter into it and continues until the end of time.

Almost always, the average person is not going to be driven with concern when it comes to the holistic well being or mental peace of mom and the toll of sacrificial love.

It is a department that we moms must head in order to stay alive and have purpose in our pulse.

I think we can all agree, we love motherhood to death and we’re down for it…but we’re tired…

Active moms, here are 10 ways to restore your mind, body, and soul on this Mother’s Day:

1. Go to your favorite spot and journal. I recommend the writing prompt: I can become a better mom by… (I recently wrote to this prompt and stated that in order to better take care of my children, I want to better take care of myself.)

2. Go for a restorative walk or run (Justice for Ahmaud Arbery) and let your heart soar freely.

3. Go to the quietest place in your home and hide pray or meditate there πŸ™„ until you feel rejuvenated… and then come back out…

4. Put on something comfy and cozy and have a cup of coffee or tea on the porch or patio without your phone.

5. Have a mimosa or glass of wine while listening to the playback of Jill Scott/Erykah Badu verzuz battle.

6. Grab popcorn, a notepad, and watch “Becoming” on Netflix.

7. Somehow, someway, get everyone out of the house so you can experience that beautiful thing called silence.

8. Practice peace and loving-kindness by refusing to fuss, yell, or get upset. Aim for chill reactions and make positive vibes a requirement today.

9. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly. Allow all stress and anxiety to leave your body when you breathe out. Pause and consider the blessing of being a mom.

10. Sexually recalibrate with your husband/ life partner. Intimacy is important and can definitely help balance the craze of motherhood.

Moms, I hope that you have a restful and relaxing day. For most of us, it is honestly impossible to be “off duty”. However you end up spending the day, may balance and purpose propel you into tomorrow. ❀

Clinnesha is a writer, wife, mom, meta-artist, and social entrepreneur. Her work is at the intersection of arts, culture, innovation, and community.

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