Turn Up Tuesdays w/Stassi: Empty

What do you do when you are empty?

I’ve had to spend time thinking about this recently. In the midst of a pandemic, a sudden family death unrelated to the pandemic, and coming to the end of another semester of teaching took a lot out of me. Last week was tough and by the end of class last Wednesday I had nothing left in me to give. I felt completely empty, but still had some things to do because the week wasn’t quite finished, nor is this academic semester.

I needed to stop. I needed to sit in feelings. I needed to feel my emotions. I needed some time for me. Don’t get me wrong now. In the midst of this pandemic and sheltering in place solo in a studio apartment, I have had a lot of time just for me. However, there are still times when I have a lot on my to do list all at once. Also, with a lot of businesses still closed, I have not been able to lift weights or get a massage or get a mani/pedi or just go window shopping in local stores. I have had to find other ways to destress while seeing the same four walls everyday.

I ran across a list of things to do for self love and it reminded me to just love on myself for a moment. Selfcare is not just a buzzword or current fad, but a way of life to fully optimi . Mainly, to give myself more grace during this time and to release some of the expectations that I had for this year. These times are not the same and I have no idea what “normal” will be in the future……nor do I even need to worry about that now.

So after some solo time on the pavement, binging on a few different shows on CBS All Access and PBS Passport, and trying my hand at baking some different desserts I was able to refill enough to keep going.

What are you doing to refill yourself during these difficult times?

Self-caring Stassi

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