Speak Saturdays: Showing Our Sass

As always our fearless leader pushes us to get out of our comfort zone as it relates to the WRITEaddiction. For years, Marta has wanted me to do a podcast with her. Of course, she heard the word no immediately. She respected my no but ever so often she would give a gentle nudge to remind me the idea was still out there.

This past week something in me said give it a try and guess what happened. Showing Our Sass was born. It was a great first podcast experience. Just two friends catching up on life who decided to turn the camera on.

Want to watch? I got you. Head on over to YouTube to Marta C. Youngblood channel. Oh don’t forget to subscribe while you are there.

Here is the Playlist for episode one of Showing Our Sass. Hope you enjoy it on this Saturday morning.


Happy “yet another quarantined” Saturday


2 thoughts on “Speak Saturdays: Showing Our Sass

  1. Ladies, ladies that was great two friends catching up! As I’ve lost two friends this month, one who truly kept me on the straight and narrow, it was a joy to see this! Keep it up, I’m on to the next chat! πŸ₯°


    1. Thank you Stephanie. Sorry to hear about your loss. And of course you are on the next one. More sass is needed πŸ™‚


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