Speak Saturdays: I’m Not That Old

Our fearless leader wrote quite a hilarious blog yesterday about the internet. Having a little bit of writers block (hence the reason why the series I spoke of has made a debut), I decided to piggy back on the internet sensation.

I graduated in high school in 2001. While that doesn’t seem too long ago in my mind, I do remember when I finally convinced my grandmother to get internet at home.

During that time AOL was the preferred provider. Dial up was a real thing and so was internet call waiting. I know kids today couldn’t imagine hearing internet dial up and having it tie up the house phone. Do people still have house phones?

Now, internet call waiting was must in my house. My grandmother needed to know who was calling the house. Baby, I remember when I declined a few calls so I could stay on the internet. When I tell you Dorothy Lee got into my butt.

I’m fairly young but I am grateful that grew up in a time where life was simpler and was introduce to new technology.

Happy Saturday!


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