Speak Saturdays: Where Have You Been?

Neikeita, did you mean to take a writing hiatus? No, I did not but stuff happens. March proved to be a quiet an interesting month for all of us. Personally, it threw me off my rocker a little bit but your girl is getting back on the horse.

I have a series in mind that I am working on. It’s still in its infancy stage but I think it will be a great one. I need to start jotting down my notes and not rely on this memory of mine.

I pray everyone is doing well during this time. I know we are not living what we consider to be our normal life. But I hope you are developing a normal that keeps your mind sane.

Be intentional during this moment of pause. Love yourself more now than every. Check on someone. Be safe. And allow grace.

Happy Saturday! Neikeita

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