Transformative Thursdays: Don’t Lose Focus

In the midst of everything that is going on, you must remember not to lose focus.  Whatever you focus on, will become bigger.  If you’ve ever used a magnifying glass to see something, you know what I mean.  Whatever is under the lens of the magnifying glass suddenly becomes much bigger.  It is magnified.  In many cases, it becomes blown out of proportion because the size is no longer a realistic size of the object.
In our world today, we have many opportunities to focus on what’s around us.  We can choose to magnify what is there or remain focused on the positive.  Focusing on our goals and things we are passionate about, has to remain a priority.  Over the last few weeks, what have you found yourself ocused on?  Has it been your career?  Paying bills?  Staying sane?  Connecting with friends?  Or have you used your time to focus on the good that has happened around you?  Have you actively looked for opportunities to magnify something positive in your life?
Make a commitment today to give yourself the gift of refocusing.  You can’t afford to lose focus on your purpose, your calling and the gifts you have to offer others.  These are the things that need to be under your magnifying glass.  This perspective will help you avoid walking in fear, anxiety, regret, and worry.  Much of what Is happening around us is beyond our control.  But we can control how we respond to it and on what we choose to focus.
Realign yourself to your purpose and goals.  Where do you want to be when the pandemic is over?  What do you want to have accomplished?  Now is the time to focus on that and get busy working!
~Coletta Jones Patterson
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