Turn UP Tuesdays w/Stassi:Working out at HOME

In the midst of shelter-in-place/home orders, I’m here to just share my at home workouts and other resources that are available to you all.

Here are my workouts and the resources that I am using:

  • A couple of weeks ago when it became clear that we would be at home through the spring, I stopped by walmart to purchase an indoor cycling bike. I used the Walmart app to find options that were available in a store near me and got lucky. I found a Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Stationary Bike in my local Walmart, and I only paid like half the price. This bike allows me to vary my cardio options. I can hop on the bike and watch TV in the evenings or when I’m taking breaks from my home desk.
  • Other equipment: I already had some home workout items tucked away that were ready for usage.
    • A large exercise ball that I use in place of my office chair sometimes and I use for some light exercises.
    • A weighted fitness hula hoop that I use for a quick core activation from time to time.
    • A yoga wheel that I use to modify some yoga poses and deepen some stretches.
    • A yoga mat for various body workouts, stretching, and yoga sequences.
    • A weighted vest for more advanced bodyweight workouts.
  • Workout apps:
    • NRC – Nike Run Club – If you have access to running outside safely without contact with others, then you can do guided runs or just track your pace/progress with this app.
    • NTC – Nike Training Club – The PREMIUM upgrade is available for free now. This has been my main strength training go to these days as it allows me to sign up for a program and I just show up like it’s a class. I don’t have to think about what I want to do or create my own workouts.
    • YogaDownload – I have subscribed here for a couple of years now. It allows me to choose various yoga workouts based on targeted muscle groups, intensity, length, media platforms, etc. There is an app for it, but it is also a website.
    • Seconds – This app does not really have workouts per se, but it allows me to set a specific timer for the type of HIIT or AMRAP or Tabata or Interval workout that I want to do after I have designed it myself.

Here are some other virtual options to support you at home:

  • YouTube – you can do a search for whatever kind of workout or body focus you want and see numerous options.
  • YMCA 360 – there are multiple video workouts located here: https://ymca360.org/

I hope this list helps to get you moving!


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