What’s Happening Wednesday: The Sick and Shut in Report

Midway through morning service, a snazzily dressed woman would make her way to the lectern. She’d turn on the little lamp and then she’d read the list of names of those who had been on the prayer list. After she read each name, she’d say how the person said they were doing, or that she was unable to contact them. I always thought this part of the service was too long. (At that age, I thought every part of the service was too long.) Imagine how long it would be now that both Kansas Cities are running some strange version of a shelter in place drill. Folks on either side of the state line are shut in, whether they are sick or not.

I know what conversations sound like between the church clerk and the shut in members sound like. I’ve made a few of those calls. Heck, I’ve received a few of those calls as well. It’s a simple formula.
1) Greeting
2) Ask how they are doing.
3) Let them know we’re praying for them.
4) Give any pertinent information.
5) Close the call.

What does this call look like if we’re all shut in?

I imagine the script is the same. So here’s my shut in report. We’re doing just fine. We have everything we need according to His riches in glory. We are enjoying this season of rest. Thank you for your prayers. We are praying for you all as well. We look forward to seeing you soon, but not until this order is lifted. Thanks for thinking of us.

What’s your report? How are you all doing? If there’s someone you haven’t been able to contact in awhile, now would be a good time. They’re probably at home😆.

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