Serenity Sunday: Homeschoolin’

This whole COVID-19 quarantine situation has shaken not only our nation, but also our households. Some are enjoying the challenge of keeping home life fun and interesting, while others are at their wits’ end trying to edutain their youngsters in the flyest possible ways.

This past week was focused greatly on the serio-comedy of homeschooling our kids. It was intense, but we were down for it. We found much-needed humor in it. We were ambitious and determined with our schedules and plans. In addition to making sure the kids got academic hours in, mothers all over the world ciphered through a plethora of websites, activities, and resource material while ensuring the wellness of family, meeting work demands, managing e-mails, attending virtual meetings and conference calls, preparing meals, and organizing/cleaning like nobody’s business.

Y’all. This is A LOT.

While my family didn’t find the best rhythm last week, we somehow made it through.

I only aimed for three hours of academic time a day. That’s all I could humanly facilitate with three little ones.

I encouraged free play a lot.

And fully embraced technology.

With minimal to no escape routes (other than essential store runs), multitasking moms pulled off an astonishing first week of being teachers, cafeteria workers, custodians, counselors, coaches, crisis management directors, and community resource officers.

Like how did we even get here?!

SIDENOTE: Did you know there are other ways to make a sandwich that don’t require traditional bread?

The store always seems to have Hawaiian rolls and croissants! …completely changed the game!

To the woman who has been tending to the needs of her family non-stop… Who has rarely left her humble and chaotic abode, if at all…

I am in the trenches with you. You deserve a glass (or bottle) of wine because I am sure you are caring for everybody while striving for excellence on a job you’re not even physically present at.

You deserve to watch a television series that interests you. You deserve to read something uplifting. You deserve to put your ear buds in and listen to your favorite music >>> DJ D-Nice threw an amazing quarantine party on Instagram, by the way…


I’m telling you now, if you’re in need of a happiness boost going into week two of homeschool, his technique around the whole social distancing concept aligned with his genuine love for people and music is sure to re-fuel the most exhausted mom/career woman out there in our sudden-exclusive-electronic-world.

Take care y’all. And remember we’re all in this together so show love, patience, and consideration. ❤

Clinnesha is a writer, wife, mom, meta-artist, and social entrepreneur. Her work is at the intersection of arts, culture, innovation, and community.

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