Turnup Tuesdays w/Stassi: Perfect Timing…for a Workout

Remember when you said that you’d start that new workout on Monday? Remember that New Year’s Resolution that you made…or thought about making? It’s time to dust off those thoughts and get to action.

The YMCA is closed. My apartment’s management has closed all amenities so that includes the gym downstairs. The rain started today. I was able to enjoy some fresh air outside between rain showers and walked for 30 minutes, but I know I need some strength training. Here’s a secret: building muscle actually helps you to lose fat! So why not spend this time while you’re at home getting a workout in to build up some muscle. Now is the perfect time to get into a workout routine…even with the kids.

Here’s a little something to get you started:



If you start with finishing the circuit one time, then maybe each week you can add another round up until you can finish it five times and then start working on finishing it faster.

If you want more of a variety, then here you go:


Bodyweight Poster

I will be using this poster and the Nike Training app to build daily workouts to do inside of my studio apartment…And if I have enough room to workout in this studio then surely you have room in your place.

Let’s get fit together!! Drop a comment below and let me know if you will be working out while you’re being socially distant in the comforts of your own space. I need more accountability partners!!

Strength training at home Stassi

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