Serenity Sunday: COVID-19 and the hidden blessing of slowing down

Statement from the author: “I do my best to promote creative expression, mindfulness, and inner peace through my Serenity Sundays. While this post promotes positive thinking in a time of crisis, my intent is not to brush off the growing concerns of COVID-19 and the ways in which it affects our livelihood, economy, educational and health systems, and arts community. I encourage my readers to remain safe and aware while taking advantage of resources offered during this global state of emergency. And what’s not  available, let’s get after.”

What a rush it all is. Life. Work. Business. Family. Schedules and time sensitive deadlines. Social identity. Knowledge building. Career movement. Personal growth.

We are in constant motion, physically and mentally.

Slow has always been somewhat of an enemy (i.e. slow drivers, slow computers, slow fast food lines). We tend to despise slow and adore haste. This is our culture.

Make it look shinier/brighter/better/more desireable. The rat race is real, go harder, then make it public. Be significant. And hurry because the next big thing is in queue and everybody is waiting.

We have literally been in such haste that many of us have failed to see the beautiful and precious life [and people] placed before us.

We haven’t really noticed that our kids haven’t played outside in weeks; That our spouse needs affection; How big the babies have gotten/ how smart they are/ how much they are developing; How much our parents have evolved; How the e-mails, paper piles, and clothes stacks have accumulated.

Even the COVID-19 frenzy has had us scattered and scrambling.

Having to get off of our fast tracks for a couple of weeks or longer may actually reveal how unattentive and occupied we have become.

In a self-centered, jam-packed society that encourages us to move hastily– a serious health emergency is forcing us to slow down and actually consider someone other than ourselves and our personal/professional agendas. Yes. It’s crazy.

To keep a virus from spreading or manifesting, it is encouraged that we cancel plans, stay home, be considerate/thoughtful (not paranoid) of our neighbors, and basically take life one day at a time.

Many people hear this and gravitate toward frustration or aggravation; but there are some who are taking heed and acknowledging the tender opportunity…

To be still.

We accomplish some amazing things on a daily basis; but we can also get ahead of ourselves. Get ahead of God.

This radical, national shift in focus is prompting all of us to pace ourselves more, meditate/pray/process, complete passion projects, get reading done, get organized/de-clutter, reconnect with leisure, plan conducively for the future, cook, take outdoor breathers, be more present with adults and more creative with children, and take care of ourselves.

What a time to hone in on holistic things from now until… well… just until.

Clinnesha is a writer, wife, mom, meta-artist, and social entrepreneur. Her work is at the intersection of arts, culture, innovation, and community.

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