What’s Happening Wednesday: It’s Contagious

Several people that I love have been battling the flu, respiratory infections, and unknown illnesses that have sapped their strength and caused them to live in near seclusion for days or weeks. Their cases have ranged from mild and inconvenient to downright frightening.

And now there’s this new strain of coronavirus. Stores shelves have been stripped of hospital masks and hand sanitizer. People and companies are starting to implement security measures to protect themselves. Concerts are being canceled. Employees are being asked to work remotely to avoid unknowingly spreading the virus among coworkers.

And while I appreciate these efforts, especially as a caregiver, I know that there are other contagions I wish to protect my loved ones from.
Hatred, malice, and overall bad attitudes are also things that spread quickly across schoolyards, and workplace environments. I’ve seen negativity nearly destroy a company. I’m watching as hatred and intolerance threaten to destroy entire cultures of people.

And unlike the current mutation of the coronavirus, there isn’t a rush to see who can create a vaccine. We are all just expected to live with it, despite the fact, that it, too, can be deadly.

What are you doing to inoculate yourself from the ills of this age? Are you washing your hands and renewing your mind? Are you guarding your hearts as well as protecting yourself with masks and gloves? Are you wiping down surfaces with disinfectant, but also washing yourself with the water of the word?

I am praying for protection from all that ails us.

Mama Radford

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