What’s Happening Wednesday: Ash

The Lenten season is upon us.  For the next few weeks, many of us will be more irritable than usual as we fast from things like chocolate or coffee.  (God help those of you who are giving up both.)

Every year, I struggle with what I should give up.  I have plenty of vices to choose from, but I also want to be successful in my fast.   No point in giving up alcohol if I already made happy hour plans with some of my favorite people.  No point in me giving up cake if I know I have two different kinds of cake at home and three birthday parties to attend in this season.

I do not regularly fast as part of my spiritual disciplines.  In fact, Lent is the only time I ever really fast. Fasting is supposed to draw us closer to God, as we submit our bodies and our wills to him.  But I don’t believe the God I serve wants me to be irritable or hungry as I attempt to do his will.  That seems antithetical to his design for my life.

So this year, I’m trying something new.  I found a devotional on my Bible App that will help me fast from negative thinking.  Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Warning: I’m brutally honest in discussions in my Bible app.

Anyway, whatever you choose to fast from this season, I’m praying for your success.

Mama Radford

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