Speak Saturdays: A Salute to Black Excellence

I’m sitting in the back of an event doing what I do best…people watching. Tonight, I am watching young people speak before a crowd, using their table manners, and adults cheering them on.

Our youth are hosting a fundraiser for their annual HBCU tour. As a proud alumna of a HBCU, I am overjoyed that these young black kings and queens are being exposed to a world that doesn’t surround them. I currently live in Northwest Arkansas where Blacks are not the dominate race. Which means exposure to certain parts our culture can be limited at times.

My church decide to start an event, Salute to Black Excellence, as a way to showcase our own local history. To expose our youth to accolades of the people they see on a weekly basis. I, as an adult, learned so much about those who came before me. It is such great reminder that our greatness is amazing.

Black History is so vast and so rich. It’s much bigger than what is taught in the public schools. And we as African Americans are still making history go this day.

A Salute to Black Excellence…truly an every day phenomenon.

Happy Saturday!


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