What’s Happening Wednesday: Lesson from a Leper

I am completely unsure of my next move.  I can see all the chess pieces on the board.  I can see the nervousness of my opponent. And I wonder, briefly, if I can forfeit my move, so I can get a better glimpse of my opponent’s strategy.  It would be stupid of course, to give my adversary that kind of advantage.  But I’m obviously not thinking clearly.  I don’t pass, but I don’t move either.  I just stare at the board.

I am terrible at chess.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I played.  But I remember that feeling.  I’m feeling it now.

It’s my turn to move, but I simply have no desire to pick up any one of my pieces.  They all look nice and safe where they are. None of them are being threatened directly.   So why should I bother to move?  It took us a decent amount of time to set the game up in the first place.  I don’t want to throw off the symmetry we’ve achieved.

These are really just excuses I’m making to avoid movement.  The truth is I’m both lazy and comfortable and i’m sitting In a place that allows me to be both.

I’m reminded of a few lepers in II Kings 7.  One of them asked of the others “Why sit we here until we die?”  That man came up with a plan, took action, and saved his kingdom, despite his infirmity.

Me… well, I’m still sitting here contemplating my next move.  What about you?


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