How To Make Story Time Work Well For Young Children AND YOU TOO

As we celebrate Black History Month and the lives and legacies of icons like Dr. Martin Luther King, we have a marvelous opportunity to share the stories of historic figures with young children in a way that is accessible, meaningful and lasting. That mechanism is called read alouds with children’s picture books. 

When you’re standing in front of the book shelf at your local Barnes and Noble and you’re trying to decide on what book would be best to buy for your young learner I know it can feel overwhelming.  I have heard so many stories from parents across my career. Some go chiefly for the illustrations. Some pick books based on their personal heroes like Jackie Robinson, or Michael Jordan. Others look for books that feature a particular theme their child has expressed interest in like the latest from Marvel’s Spiderman or My Little Pony.

It might interest you to know that there are ways to determine which books are most developmentally appropriate for your child…(Click HERE to read more)

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