Parent Collective: Pool Those Resources!

If you’ve ever read the children’s story Stone Soup you understand the principle that no matter how little we may have individually, if we all add what we have together, it will be enough to go around.That same principle can be aptly applied to parents who join together to pool ideas, information and resources for the greater benefit of their children. A parent collective can increase access to numerous resources while also building a strong and  vibrant community of families who are learning and growing together!

Often parents desire more for their young children than they are financially able to afford. This is especially true when it comes to educational materials and experiences that they believe will have short and long-term benefits for school readiness and school success. This is where the idea of a parent collective comes into play. What you  may not be able to provide separately may be very possible if you join hands with other families with similar interests and needs. The possibilities are endless but we will outline a few of these ideas below for your consideration… (Click HERE to read more).

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