What’s Happening Wednesday: Hail to the Chiefs

So listen, we need to talk about Super Bowl LIV.  And it’s not just because I’m from Kansas City, and the parade is today.  It’s not just because Travis Kelce is a hottie (or so I have been told.)  It’s not about the youngest quarterback ever leading his team to the Lombardi trophy.  Don’t worry.  We’re going to talk about all of that, too.  But those aren’t the only things I want to discuss.  So let’s get started.

I hadn’t watched a football game in probably 4 years.  I stopped watching about the same time Colin Kaepernick started protesting.  I won’t go in to detail about why I gave up watching the games.  This blog is not about that.  I said that only to say that up until the game started, I still hadn’t decided whether or not I was going to watch.  In fact, after watching the coin toss, I actually left the party I was attending so I could walk around the block.  I knew however, that the Chiefs had scored, based on the yelling coming from nearby houses, and the fireworks (literal fireworks) that followed.

But once I returned to the house, my eyes were glued to the TV.  I don’t remember blinking.  I didn’t waver when the home team was down by 10, or when Patrick Mahomes threw a second interception.  I was unmoved, but the last 4 minutes of that game, I stood to my feet.  But I’m jumping ahead.

The opening ceremony:  The singing was fine.  Demi Lovato and Yolanda Adams both sang like I already knew they could.  (Don’t sleep on Demi.  The girls got issues, but she also has a voice. ) But those kids bringing the ball into the stadium… probably the best entrance I’ve ever seen besides a bridal march.  Absolutely amazing and everything I needed to see.

Commercials:  Except for that Doritos commercial and that TurboTax commercial, I was bored.  Planters needs to fire any and everybody that came up with that #babynut campaign.  I’m not even going to tell you what the men in my life said about it.  Use your imagination.

Half-time:  Shakira has abs for days.  She could spare some for me.  And if I look like Jennifer Lopez at 50, you better believe I’m wearing body stocking and leather!  People were saying it wasn’t family friendly.  Those people need more fun and fitness in their lives.  Do you know the strength it takes to maneuver around a pole like that? Take a pole dancing class and let me know.  Oh, and that feathered Puerto Rican flag J. Lo showcased was everything.  And the not so subtle imagery of little brown kids stepping out of cages, was not lost on me…I saw it.  I hope the people who can do something about it, saw it, too.

Game Time:    So my devotional this week has been about redeeming the time, and what that looks like.  And if the Kansas City Chiefs did not provide a visual aid to every sermon about that subject, I don’t know who did.  It didn’t matter that they were down by at least a touch down and a field goal.  Didn’t matter that the game was almost over.  They played like they trusted their leaders.  They played like they trusted their teammates.  They kept playing like they knew they could win.


So can I.

Go Chiefs!

Mama Radford


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