Turn Up Tuesdays w/Stassi on a Friday: Burnout is REAL.

I’m turning up on a Friday.

I’ve seen quite a bit of posts in an Educators’ social media group about people walking away or thinking about walking away from teaching. It’s common knowledge that there are problems with teacher retention and programs to help support new teachers to stay in the field. Personally, I’ve contemplated walking away from academia numerous times. Recently, it feels more like every other day. And then I saw this…

*I saved this image from my social media feed. It’s not my own, but looks like it can be found by searching for “journey to wellness.”

Many educators are underpaid and over worked in places that want an entire list of tasks done without the funding to support getting them done. We enter this field as servants because we care deeply about educating the next generation or in my case – the current generation. Many times we are assigned multiple jobs for the pay of one, but happily do them because we care about the students. Many of us work other jobs or pick up extra courses during the summer and even winter break. BUT there comes a time when we need to address the elephant in the room.


As servants we have to remember that we need to serve ourselves so that we can continue to be of service to others. Take time out to relax and recharge. I need to do better in this area.

What are you doing to combat BURNOUT?


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