Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: One away…

This last week has been a bit trying for me, but it doesn’t compare to events that have happened within the last 3 days. If anything, we’ve been reminded with a stern slap in the face that at any moment we are only one away…

One second

One minute

One hour

One day

One question

One decision…away from living our best life or last day.

I’m thankful for a reminder that I got today through a devotion called Diving Direction in the YouVersion bible app.


This statement made me think about how the people in our lives impact our lives. In the devotion, the author focuses on Saul’s conversion to Paul and how it was through his friendship with Barnabas that the other disciples even gave Paul a chance. In other words, Barnabas vouched for Paul and Paul was accepted by everyone else. Paul. The one who wrote a significant portion of the New Testament. Yeah, that Paul. This made me reflect on my own friendships. Are you nurturing your friendships? You may be one away from changing your story. And then there was this:


Y’all that “one conversation away from getting in better shape” hit me hard. Ha! Let me tell you. I KNOW the people who I need to talk to when I’m not feeling the make healthy food choices OR get up and go workout today decisions. But what I’m trying to say is that this was a reminder that I need to continue to live in the moment and keep my heart and mind open for new people to enter into my life, because I don’t know how that “one” will impact my life OR how I can impact his/her life.

So I ask you the same questions that my devotion asked me…What do you need to do to connect with the right people? Is there anyone you need to disconnect from?



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