Speak Saturdays: Well How Will I Answer That

So I was asked a question, “If you had to choose, which one of your friend’s life you would like to live?”

If I had been asked a question a year ago, I would know the person in mind immediately and all the reasons why I felt like their life was so much better than mine. But when the question was posed to me, I quickly said no one. As I think back to the conversation, I was proud of myself for saying no one. That showed so such personal growth and validated that I’m learning to love the skin that I’m in. I am realizing my journey is happening the way it is supposed to. That I’m not supposed to live someone else’s life and everything will be in God’s timing.

Now I know that we see other people and we wish that we had certain aspects of their lives but I am also learning that people don’t show you truly how they are living and therefore what you are desiring may not be truly what you want.

To sum it up nicely, own the season that you’re in right now. Be truthful with yourself on what you desire. And don’t be afraid to go get it.

Happy Saturday!

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