Mind Your Business, HR

Y’all, I had a whole different thing I planned to share with you on this beautiful Friday; however, @Kevonstage blessed the interwebs with something that was so good I had to alter my posting plans and throw my fifty cents in. If you haven’t seen his recent video regarding an HR official writing an employee regarding their personal vehicle’s condition, please go ahead and watch the following link so you can have the context for my comments. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Listen!!!! How you gon’ form your fingers into the position to type this email and press send to the employee over the condition of his/her car as in personal vehicle? (Whew, this is trebled my geechee, lemme take a few calming breaths.

Here I was basking in the glow of an amazing CBS All Access premiere of Star Trek Picard. I’m settling down for the night and just scrolling one last time through my social media before I turn out the lights and then Kev starts going in on this situation and I’m over here hollerin’ like his sidekick.

See, this is where the situation started heading off the rails.

Problem: Someone at the company took exception to the make, model and or physical condition of this employee’s car and honestly I doubt it was the HR director and was more likely a different member of senior leadership who felt insecure and talking directly to the employee and sent HR in their stead.

Solution: If that senior leader feels strongly that the employee’s position requires that the employee have a certain kind of car then the company should have simply issued the employee with a corporate car as part of the job perks. If the employee has to take VIP clients out in a vehicle, provide the vehicle for them to use for that official business. But you better make sure you have a car code written and disseminated much like the ways businesses provide a dress code guidance for employees. If you don’t apply the rule to all the. You may be guilty of targeting and discrimination.

Problem: Low key threatening the employee with a credit check is a dick move. There’s really no nice way to say it.

Solution: Don’t, just don’t.

Problem: You want all of your employees to drive a particular type of vehicle

Solution: Provide them with the vehicle your company prefers when employees travel on official business.

I’m gonna join back up with the choir as we sing 🎶 Mind yo business 🎶 and prepare to close this out but, “Wow….just WOW!” I wish somebody would tell me that I needed to go get a new car cause they don’t like how my car looks and need me to go BUY a few car for myself so that they can feel better about themselves and their life choices. As for me and my house, we work towards remaining free of unnecessary unnecessary stress and debt because contrary to some, debt free is responsible. Sound financial planning is responsible, etc.

Marta C. Youngblood is a writer, education and social entrepreneur based in Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information on her current projects visit https://about.me/MCyoungblood.

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