Transformative Thursdays: The Law of Progression

I remember my children growing up and as toddlers, everything was “I want it now!”  “Mommy, I don’t want to wait!”  These statements characterize how we sometimes feel in life.  We want things to happen quickly.  We don’t like to wait or have to navigate through challenges.  But rarely will we experience a “fast-track” to success.  Success requires waiting and incremental progress.
Even the Bible tells us that we grow from “faith to faith and from glory to glory” meaning growth takes place in levels.  A new health plan requires changes little by little from tweaking your diet to starting an exercise program.  No one is able to start on day one with the heaviest weights.  It takes time to increase to that level.  In school, you begin learning basic math facts such as 2 + 2 before learning multiplication and division.  A house is built starting from the foundation and then the other elements are added.  A house does not just magically appear and you move in.  It takes several months to build.  Everything in life builds on previous levels. The bible also speaks of “seed, time and then harvest”.  There’s a natural progression of planting seeds (investing in something or a goal), letting time work its magic for the seeds to germinate and be nourished and then finally seeing a harvest.
If you have unrealistic expectations, you will quickly become frustrated, overwhelmed and will eventually quit.  The law of progression requires you to take one step at a time and be consistent in your progress.  Over time, you will see amazing results if you do not give up.
Consider if you are allowing the Law of Progression to work or have you given up too soon?  Are you putting in consistent work on your goals?  Are you like my three-year old toddler who only wanted things NOW? Keep doing what you know to do and watch what it becomes!
~Coletta Jones Patterson is an author, life coach, speaker and business executive who is passionate about empowering others to get unstuck. Check out her book, “Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want” on Amazon.

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