Speak Saturdays: The Good and The Bad

My three day weekend didn’t start off with the bang I wanted. It was time to leave work and I was ready to get in my car because it was cold and raining. I place the key in the ignition. NOTHING. I can’t get my car to start. Note – my car does have some mileage and age on it but I’m trying to rock with it as long as I can.

My coworker offers me a jump. I’m grateful and thinking my little problem will be solved immediately. Well, no such luck. The white car is still sitting in the work parking lot. It will be a problem I deal with next week. I will say I miss my small town because I could have called the neighborhood mechanic to come look at in the cold and rain.

The bright side – I was able to get someone to take me home and pick up a rental. Another bright side, I’ve started tracking what I eat and have lost 6 pounds at my first weigh in.

In my year of discovery, I am trying to good with the bad. Keep a positive outlook and not drown in negative thoughts.

Happy Saturday!


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