What’s Happening Wednesday: Dream Keeper

Yesterday, my husband caught me looking at things I cannot afford right now.  “Keeping the dream alive, I see,” he laughed as he glanced at my phone.

Yes, actually.  I do tend to keep my dreams alive.  Even if they seem unfeasible, or even unfathomable, in the back of my mind I think…the time may not be right, but someday, it will be.

I believe in an “exceeding and abundantly” deity, whose thoughts are much higher than mine.  I believe he’s orchestrating things on a higher level, moving pieces around, each move getting us closer to where He wants us to be.

Many years ago, I read the book “The Dream Giver”, which I highly recommend.  It tells the story of Ordinary, who leaves the land of Familiar to follow his big dream.  Some of you have done that.  You’ve moved across the country or halfway around the world chasing one dream or another.  I admire you for that.

That isn’t my story.  My story is one of staying in my familiar place and dreaming big anyway.  I live  just a few miles from my childhood home. I married a guy I have known since the seventh grade.  And yet, I dream.  And every time one of those dreams come true, I realize that the Dream Giver, is also a dream keeper, holding on to my dreams until i’m ready to receive them.

Keep dreaming, wherever you are.   Heaven will keep it safe for you, until the time is right.

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