Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: Greatness in me & you

Today I’m turnt up because this weekend I found out that Greatness been in my blood! Ok let me back up…

So, on a whim I decided that I would travel to Baltimore, MD to catch a NFL AFC Playoff game. Why? Because it was MY RAVENS playing a playoff game AT HOME! Yeah we lost. But I had the most phenomenal experience in the stadium because my fav is the best cousin a girl could ask for in life.

But while in Baltimore I usually stay with my Great Auntie to make sure that I get some QT with her…which also means I gotta hang out with all the old folks – err I meant family elders. 😂🤣 This doesn’t bother me, especially since I’ve been diving more into my family history. This is my paternal grandfather’s family and a lot of them migrated North way back when so I didn’t know most of them when I was growing up.

This weekend I was blessed with stories and pictures of my great great and great great great grandparents and siblings. It was amazing to “sit at the feet” of my elders and learn about my family. In fact, my elder cousin showed me many people and recounted stories of travels in Paris as well as military travels to Germany and Paris and other European countries. He also told me about pilots and lawyers, and I found out there are quite a bit of public servants in our family (which explains my heart to teach).

My takeaway lesson from this is 1. I need to spend more time with my elders and 2. I have ancestors who paved a way for me and although I’m just now learning about names and stories, the greatness runs deep and has been pushing me along all of this time. This experience charges me to continue to dig deep and learn about my people, because I don’t want the generations after me to lose sight of the work that was done to prepare a place for them.


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