Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: Happy Heavenly Birthday my friend

Today, my dear friend would have turned 38 years old. I’m reminded of absence every year that I receive my birthday reminder for him and with each success and failure I experience. Oh how I wish I could just call him and tell him all about my current relationship or my trips abroad. Oh how I wish I could have asked him more specific questions about living on an island before I moved because I know he had more stories about living in the Bahamas. Some times I’m caught off guard with memories when I look at that small, straw box that he brought me back from the Bahamas or when I run across old pictures…

But my devotion for today was just the reminder that I needed on this day. It was a reminder that what happens in our lives are no surprise to God. The things that are a mystery to us are not to God. Although I still have lots of Why? and What happened? questions, I can rest in my faith in God. I can trust that all of these things, whether good or bad, somehow fit into this plan that God has orchestrated. So, although I don’t have the answers to my questions, and I miss my friend a lot, I can stand in confidence knowing that the God I serve is a God of justice, love & peace. He knows how I feel and He cares.

Happy Birthday my friend.


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