Speak Saturdays: What A Difference A Year Can Make

Social media has its highs and lows. One high are the Memories on Facebook. Today, I was reminded of the time when I left my first job in the healthcare world. I was fortunate enough with the opportunity to manage people for time. I learned alot especially about working for a corporation.

I never thought that in 2019 I would have so many changes happen in my life. Both professionally and personally. Confession…I am person who is not overly fond of change. If nothing is wrong then let it be. This statement is quite comical. Why you ask? I had three different full time jobs in 2019.

While that was surely not the plan, I am proud of myself for navigating through the changes. For trusting what my spirit was telling me to do. For being bold in finding new opportunities that would bring me happiness and peace.

Now, I still struggle a bit with change but 2019 has shown me that I know how to handle it well and change is good when it’s done for the right reasons.

Happy Saturday!


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