What’s Happening Wednesday: Imani 2020

It’s the last night of Kwanzaa and the first day of year.  The two dates always coincide, and for me, both are an exercise of profound hope and faith, as you might have guessed.

Hope – The new year always brings about a hope that things will go better than they did in the prior 12 months.  Doesn’t matter whether you had a good year, or a bad year.  The new year almost always fills us with anticipation of good things to come.

Faith – I know there were days in 2019 where I felt like faith was all I had, and I felt like even that was failing me.  I don’t yet know what 2020 has in store for me, but I fully believe that faith will carry me through it.

A few months ago, in a continuing education workshop, the facilitator asked us what our favorite year was.  People were talking about the years they got married, or the year their children graduated college.  I struggled with the question, and then came up with a half-joking answer.  “2020 is my favorite year, because it’s got to be better than this, right?”

By the time you read this, the year will be in full swing, and I don’t know if I’m being overly optimistic, or if my answer was truly prophetic.  But for some reason, I feel like there are big things on the horizon.  I feel like it’s going to be my best year yet.

I’m hoping the same for you and yours.  Happy Kwanzaa!  Happy 2020!

Mama Radford





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