Turn Up Tuesdays w/Stassi: BLACK GIRL MAGIC!!!

YOOOO!!! Today it’s about all of this BLACK GIRL MAGIC that we’ve been blessed with this week AND IT’S ONLY TUESDAY!!

First of all, I went to do some shopping wait errr ummm therapy…I went to therapy. I went to do some retail therapy at Tanger Outlets on Sunday afternoon, and I got back home JUST IN TIME to turn on the tv and see Miss South Africa crowned as Miss Universe! YASSSS! Bam! And just like that we see a spread of natural beauty in sashes and tiaras. It makes me smile to see her in all of her natural glory plastered all across social media today…along with Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss America. Oh, and did y’all read about Miss Ireland, Queen Fig? The engineer who works remotely for NASA out of Dublin and just happens to be a model. The stories of these black and brown women lit up my week.


And if that wasn’t enough, Lizzo decided to drop her video that features The World Renowned Southern University Marching Band, known as The Human Jukebox, and the SU Dancing Dolls. If you’ve been living under a rock this year, Lizzo is the black girl who is credited with changing the game in perceptions of physical appearance for entertainers. She’s a plus-sized rapper who has been dropping lyrics on stage dressed like all of the other entertainers that you see in the HIPHOP industry. There was this whole body shaming campaign to push her back but she’s still out here dropping hits. BUT the kicker is…….the main characters in her video are ALL BLACK WOMEN. Ha! Black Girl Magic on the screen. She represented black girls in STEM and the performing arts in less than 4 minutes. For me, it was a reminder that we are complex, multi-faceted people with many talents. As a scientist who not only crushed ceilings imposed on me in the classroom because of the color of my skin, but also was on the danceline in high school and played softball throughout college among many other activities, I saw myself in her video. I appreciate her for bringing this representation to the mainstage.

My hope is that black and brown girls across the world can see themselves in the Black Girl Magic that we’ve seen not only in the last couple of days, but in recent history. We continue to break barriers and cross borders that other people have used to keep us confined within certain narratives. We have always been at the forefront of change.


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