Speak Saturdays: Discover


That is my word for 2020. I was watching Elevation Church live worship service Sunday and members of their congregation were discussing what their 2020 focus word would be. 2019 has been quite an interesting journey. Some amazing things have happened and not so amazing things have happened. In the middle of the night, the word discover dropped in my spirit.

I want to use 2020 to authentically find myself. I know that I am not quite there yet. There are many things I need to learn about myself. There are experiences that I need to discover. I know this journey of discovering myself will not be an easy one. I know there will be some growing pains. Some moments where I will not like what I see but I am determined to keep on journey of discovering Neikeita.

Do you have a focus word for 2020? If you don’t, I challenge you to take some quiet time and see where God would like for you to focus on.

Happy Saturday!


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