Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: I’m not those other people

Sometimes when we have gone through disappointment and hurt we may feel damaged. Even as we heal – or be at a place where we are healed – there are times when we have to be reminded that we are not where we used to be nor are we even walking in the same path where we used to step.

“I’m not those other people.”

This simple, but powerful statement was what I needed on the verge of a meltdown. I’m sure hormonal imbalance played a large role in my most recent emotional instability, but instead of condemnation or judgement, I got support…in those 5 simple words. It was all I needed to shift my focus from the internalized conflict that I perceived to the reality that I was living. It is in those moments when I’m slapped in the face with the confirmation that I am on the right path, that what I experienced before was wrong. This statement is the reality that I needed to remind me to keep pushing towards redeveloping my own definitions for what different components of my life look like in this present moment and how to remain in patient assurance for the future. It was my reminder that my shield of faith has to be ready at all times because these attacks from the enemy never cease.

So as you go about your week, look to the village that has been standing with you. Thank them. They are NOT those other people.



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