Serenity Sunday: Too Long (thank you Omaha)

I’ve been in Omaha, Nebraska, so far for 72 hours.

Of those hours,

approximately 2 have been dedicated to personal hygiene, sustenance, and checking in on my family.

2 hours have been dedicated to doing miscellaneous work/stuff for my job.

About 5 hours were spent communing/socializing/networking.

I spent 10 hours in the theatre.

16 hours resting,

and 37 hours re-writing a new play.

Omaha’s function at this very moment has been more than meaningful. I have not only furthered my work here, I have also rediscovered the beauty of theatre and how great it feels to see my specific experiences represented in the space.

While here, I have taken advantage of every single minute to pour into a new play that I have not had any alone time with in two years.

While buckled down in my little loft, the following has been confirmed for me:

1. Two years was too long.

2. I love supporting other writers and helping them realize what they have in their work. This part will always be important to me and propel me forward.

3. My writing music ranges from Otis Redding to Beyonce.

4. Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn is my favorite writing snack.

5. It has taken me 10 years, but I finally know where I’m going and can talk candidly about where I’ve been. During my masterclass, someone asked what’s some advice I would give my “10-year-ago self”. Don’t put your family or people you love in awkward situations just to prove a professional point, was my response. That and “just do you.”

6. There are people (altruists) in this world who wake up to provide opportunities and lay it all on the line for their communities to grow creatively and be positively transformed. To those of you who are out here giving your time and resources unceasingly, may the gifts and rewards coming your way be shiny and golden. 💛

For more information on my production of Tell Martha Not to Moan at The Union for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska, visit the organization’s website. The show runs through November 24th.

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