Transformative Thursdays: Knowing Your Season

“Finding balance and discerning your season is critical to your success.” -Coletta Patterson

You’ll become more successful as you discover when it’s time to start something, when it’s time to end something and when it’s time to remain steady.  A successful farmer knows the seasons. He knows when to plant, when to nourish the seed and when to reap the harvest. If you rush the season, you’ll get unripe fruit that doesn’t taste good.  If you wait too long to harvest, you’ll miss the best tasting fruit and even run the risk of getting none at all.  If the farmer doesn’t nourish the seeds until harvest time, there will be no harvest to eat.

Knowing the season you are in is so critical to your success so you don’t miss God’s best for your life. We can all identify times in which we left too soon or rushed a season, waited too long or didn’t follow instructions we were given.

If you’re stuck, one reason may be that it’s time to move to another season. Or you may have moved out of a season you’re supposed to still be in. Take a moment and assess where you are.  Is it time to move? Is it time to stay and learn what you can? Is it time to plant something new? Is it time to get your harvest?

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, life strategist, speaker and business executive who is passionate about getting others unstuck.  Her latest book, “Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want”, is available on Amazon. Connect with Coletta at

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