Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: Confidence

Today is day 2 of a statewide 2-day conference in which I was scheduled for 3 presentations – 1 yesterday with my colleagues and I am doing my solo presentation 2x today. This conference is on the heels of 3 different trips in the last 3.5 weeks. I was feeling overwhelmed. I knew yesterday’s presentation would be a breeze because my soror-colleague is awesome and she was the lead, but I was spazzing out about my solo show today.

But I woke up with confidence. I finished my PowerPoint this morning because there were new ideas downloaded into my spirit during the night. I arrived to the room for my session and as the time ticked away I took a deep breath, stood tall, and spoke with knowledge and confidence. I worked the crowd. I questioned them like they were my students and that ballroom was my classroom. I was in my element. I was in my comfort zone. This introverted, country GA girl who still screws up the pronunciation of some basic words stepped onto her stage and shined bright like a diamond.

Today, I hope you leave with inspiration to step forward, beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, and walk in confidence. You are Great! Now, go and BE Great!


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