Serenity Sunday: My Relationship with Time

One thing I am acutely aware of is time …and opportunity of course. I often say it takes some people years to see what I can see almost instantly.

Give me one moment and I can/will make a life adjustment ’cause I see the positive offerings; whereas some folks desire time to consider the adjustment, earning their decision even if it is a late one.


I believe in living life fully, but circumspectly– carefully considering my purpose and how that purpose shows up in my daily routine.

Each day we are blessed with this concrete thing called time. Time to accomplish everything that matters. Time to maximize our potential, not hold our gifts hostage, or ignore our loved ones. (Funny how what one considers maximizing time, others view as overachieving.)

And then, there’s abstract time or spiritual time. What if time wasn’t concrete at all? Let’s look at time redemption as a spiritual concept:

One thing I know for sure is that each morning we are offered sufficient grace, new mercies, and a chance to redeem the time we lost yesterday.

Think about yesterday. What was your relationship with time? For me, I got much needed relaxation and family time in. There was a period in my life when I thought if I wasn’t responding to an e-mail or working nonstop on a project, that I was wasting time. When, in fact, I was wearing myself out.

What I have learned is that self-care, taking care, and making sure people I love know they are valuable to me IS maximizing time.

Enjoy the additional physical hour, my friends. And may we all find healthy ways to nurture the relationships with our spiritual clocks. ❤

Clinnesha is a writer, wife, mom, meta-artist, and social entrepreneur who feels most accountable to southern, black citizen-artists, elders, children, and families. Her work is at the intersection of arts, culture, innovation, and community.

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