Turnup Tuesdays w/Stassi: HE ain’t done with me yet!

Hi y’all! Today I’m turnt ALL the way up about this reminder from God that I got yesterday. It was so good that I had to stop in my tracks and reflect on it AND I KNEW I needed to share it with y’all.

Here’s the back story: This year I decided that I was going to do a Bible in One Year plan (I have the one that is a devotion that links passages in Psalm/Proverb, Old Testament, and New Testament that reads it to you). Most days I stay on track but as things have come up throughout the year I’ve had to play catch up at times. Currently, I’m on track, but some times I find myself just letting it play while I tune in and out. I’ve shared with some of the folks closest to me my disdain and extreme frustration with the Old Testament (that’s a rant for another day). Thus, my prayer shifted for God to show me the one verse or message He wants me to take away for each day…So of course, in typical God fashion, I’m turnt up about an Old Testament passage.

I’ve been in Jeremiah the last couple of weeks. His story is fascinating and I’m still unpacking it for some later posts. In today’s passage, he was doing his usual duty… prophesying to the people ‘nem about stuff they ain’t wanna hear nor did they have any intentions on following. BUT it was the end that peaked my interest. The Message translation goes a little something like this:

…But I won’t finish you off. I have more work left to do on you. I’ll punish you, but fairly. No, I’m not finished with you yet. Jeremiah 46:27-28 MSG



It was a reminder to me that my best is yet to come. I can clearly see how God is working some things out in my life. I can see the manifestation of Promises and Prayers that have been decades in the making. I can look back on mistakes and hard times I see how God didn’t finish me off. Yeah, I may have had to endure some punishment, but I’m thankful because it has NEVER been ANYWHERE close to the level I deserve. His mercy is real.

BUT that last sentence. NO, I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET. 👈🏾 THIS. This renews my hope. This reminds me that as long as I’m still in the land of the living, then I still have work to do. I still have purpose to fulfill. I still have opportunities to spread the good news. I still have time to keep fishing for souls. I still have time to keep sharing my testimonies. I still have a chance to be a good and faithful servant.

So, I’m here to clue you in on a secret that the enemy doesn’t want you to know. God is NOT finished with you yet. Will you allow him to work in you?


Still working Stassi

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