What’s Happening Wednesday: Safe Space

“Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace, to a place where we’ll be safe.”

If you know this song, you probably sang along.  If you don’t know this song,  you should type the lyrics in your search bar, and give it a listen.  There are many versions, but my favorite is probably by Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin.

Anyway, in a world of turmoil, it makes sense that we are all looking for a way of escape, a place of peace and rest, a safe place. We want our kids to go to safe schools.  We want our elders to be safe from disaster and harm.   And I believe an eternal place of peace and rest awaits us at the end, but now…I’m not so sure that safety is the goal.

The Bible promises that our gifts will make room for us, but it doesn’t say that the places we find ourselves in will be safe.  Believing in and betting on our own gifts will often put us in risky situations.  Living in our giftedness involves taking risks and putting ourselves in in unfamiliar and even uncomfortable situations. We may  find ourselves exposed, over-extended and maybe even ex-communicated.   None of  this sounds safe.  But I’ve heard that the safest place to be is in God’s will.  And I believe it is His will, that we all fully operate in the gifts and skills he’s given to us.

So maybe,  every room we enter isn’t a “safe room”, but there is a kind of safety, we can never know unless we take the risk of following our gifts into whatever space it leads us to.

Safe travels,

Mama Radford



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