Turnup Tuesdays w/Stassi: Drive Safe and Save…

A life….

Your life…

MY life…

I’ve been really annoyed lately by other drivers on the road. Since I’ve installed the Drive Safe & Save beacon in my car, I’ve been a lot more aware of my own driving, which has made me notice other drivers a lot more. It feels like so many people are driving hurriedly, frustratedly, impatiently, irritatedly, and just plain rudely. I don’t really drive over 5 mph beyond the posted speed limit, but I’m always amazed at how people blow by me like I’m standing still on the side of the highway. They HAVE to be driving waaaaayyyy more than 10 or even 15 mph over the posted signs.

The way drivers dart in and out of lanes with no signals or lights on when it’s dusk or raining or foggy is another bad habit that could cause a major accident. It drives me nuts!! USE YOUR SIGNALS AND LIGHTS PEOPLE!!! They are standard parts to the car for a reason. I’m so happy that newer models come with the feature that won’t let you switch lanes unless you use a signal.

Oh and today…I exited the interstate using a standard off ramp. The right turn near the stoplight from this particular off ramp leads onto a major street complete with 3 other lanes. However, when you turn right it’s onto a new lane where you are supposed to continue moving (there’s no keep moving sign). Also, there’s a big apartment complex on the right immediately following the turn. Therefore, I ALWAYS slow down when making that turn because it’s way too many factors at that intersection. Well today, it was pouring raining and visibility was really low AND it was dark. So this jeep behind me gets right up close and lays on the horn. I smirked into my rear view mirror and slowed down even more to make sure that I was being “very careful” to show this driver what safe driving looks like 🙄 humph. But seriously, I had to mentally stop and say a prayer because the person was recklessly driving…in the rain…in the dark.

These experiences on the road just remind me of how unsafe the road can be because of distraction and just plain carelessness. I value life. I hope you value life when you are driving as well.

Use signals.

Turn on your lights.

Slow down.

Buckle your seatbelt.

Pay attention.


Safe Stassi

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