Speak Saturdays:  I’m My Own Worse Critic

For the past nine months, I’ve had more encounters with encouraging people to be confident in themselves and their abilities. Kinda comes with the territory when you work in the academic world.

Well, someone brought to my attention that I can be my own worst critic and I have more influence than I give myself credit for. That statement stopped me dead in my tracks. See, I am an overthinker. My mind can come up with so many scenarios about any particular situation. I think I don’t make a difference when I actually have.

I’ve been challenge to stop and pick apart these scenarios. Pick out the parts that are true. Pick out the parts that are over the top. Pick out the parts where I know I could survive if my life truly got crazy.

So, that is one of my goals for remainder of the year. Stop being my own worse critic and be a confident Neikeita.

Happy Saturday!

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