What’s Happening Wednesday: Watch Me Work

Yesterday, I taught my first class as an instructor at my job. I taught two fairly easy concepts, and a third, much more difficult item. It was a long 10 hour day on my feet. On the plus side, I got all my steps in before I made it home.

Anyway, at the tail end of the day, management came in to observe my class. Again, it was my first freaking class. Of course, there were some slip ups. They were minor. We finished our day about 10 minutes earlier than we should have.

I don’t know what prompted this “observation”, nor do I care. I didn’t alter my teaching style. I didn’t stretch my material to fill those extra 10 minutes. And I didn’t let the fact that the manager was actively involved in a full 10 minute conversation with one of my students during my class disrupt my day.

Here’s what I know. I do decent work, maybe even good work on some days. I don’t mind being watched. I believe I am under the ever watchful eye of an all-powerful God. And even that isn’t enough to to alter my behavior on some days. So management doesn’t concern me one bit.

Somebody’s always watching. Doesn’t matter your profession, whether you’re a stay at home mom, or a world -renowned celebrity. So since you know they’re watching, you might as well give them a good show. I know I will.

Mama Radford

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