They is married now! lol

Last weekend was great! My momma got married again 🙂 Everything flowed as it should.

Recently the courthouse with nice scenery and a gazebo, stopped performing weddings and my mom was quite disappointed. Then, Chris remembered that one of their senior citizens, in the computer class they teach, had a daughter who recently was sworn in as a judge AT THE SAME COURTHOUSE WHO DISCONTINUED their weddings (God’s favor). Chris made a call and the woman’s daughter happily agreed to perform the ceremony in her chambers.  Friday August 30th was a sunny and mild weathered day. Just perfect! After the ceremony, we went to Community BBQ which is basically Cheers for Chris lol The next day was their reception at the Coco Cabana. We set up the space and was impressed by the simple country chic theme! The food was excellent and we had just the right amount of people! I had my camera the whole weekend, so here is the events in picture!

Ruth Senior

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