Season of Change

Diagnosis Murder will be keeping me company in the background as I write this.

*big deep breath* MY MOMMA IS GETTING MARRRRRRIIIIIIEEEEED! *ahem* They will visit  the Justice of the Peace in chambers on Friday and then the big reception is this Saturday.  To my right, on my desk, I see the beautiful table centerpieces we made.   centerpieces

Her vision for the reception is country chic! There will be burlap and lace and her pop of color is fuchsia. Even though this is my mother, I’m still learning more about her as  person outside of that maternal role. Amazing. I will pick up my camera, it’s been quite awhile, and photograph the event. I’m excited. I will have a couple of friends there and salsa lessons will be available. I will dance the night awaaaaay! lol

The other change in my life is that in early July, I finished my associates degree in health information management technology. I haven’t made a big deal about it  because I still would like to pass my RHIT certification before I “turn up”. This degree basically means nothing without certification. So for those wondering, the “it’s a celebrate” *Mr. Browns voice* won’t happen until then. Since graduation, that means the hunt for a job is on. I’ve never liked this part but I’m keeping a spreadsheet and applying to jobs within the field. I happened to get my first rejection email today but that’s okay. What is for me will be. This is what I must focus on because the way my anxiety turns to guilt which turns to self loathing because I am not working, whew chile!  I HAVE TO REMAIN positive, or I’ll just eat everything in site smh

So in order to remain positive I ask myself: “What good thing happened today?” And I repeat to myself that ” Failure is when you stop trying!”. So as long as I keep applying, there is progress.

Thank ya’ll for reading my brain dump LOL I’ll be back again next Saturday and then your regularly scheduled Neikeita will be back 🙂


One thought on “Season of Change

  1. Thank you Ruth for filling in. And congratulations on finishing your degree. I may have to let you feature a little longer 😉


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