Speak Saturdays: Be You

I met a young lady last night while I was volunteering at T2. As we were sitting waiting to start our shift, she made the comment of having to watch how she presents herself. Perplexed by the comment, I asked what did she mean. She says I come off as an aggressive black woman. Immediately, my blood boiled. Why is it that when we as black women are assertive, we are deemed aggressive. I didn’t know this young lady but my spirit was telling me she was learning to find her voice.

As we were sitting there, I stated “Be yourself unapologetically”. I really hate that society minimizes our voice because of the color of your skin. I hate that young women feel like they need to be seen not heard. I hate that men are applauded when aggressive but women are not.

I don’t know if I will ever see that young lady again but my prayer is she will always be her unique unapologetic self.

Happy Saturday!


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